sleek bun

Slicked-back buns are nothing new, but thanks to the internet’s obsession with natural facelifts and invisible contouring, this version is much tighter and sleeker and has a ton more shine.

What Products Do I Need for a Sleek Bun?

  • Ulta: Bed Head Hair Stick $23. See On Ulta.
  • Spiking Glue Got 2b Glued. Ulta. $7.99.
  • Buy OUAI Matte Pomade at Sephora. $24.
  • Shea Butter Intense Hair + Body Oil by FEKKAI. Ulta. $28.
  • AKA Quick Slick: INSERT NAME HERE. Ulta. $18.
  • Boar Bristle Vegan Hair Brush from Briogeo. Sephora. $28.

How to Achieve the Perfect Sleek Bun Style?

Step 1: Prep Your Hair

After shampooing and conditioning your hair, comb it out and dry it because this hairstyle looks best with a smooth base. Even though you have the option of leaving your hair natural, straightening it with a blow dryer will give you a sleeker appearance. Use a heat protectant and anti-frizz serum if your hair is curly. They will become more subdued and controllable as a result.

Step 2: Choose Your Bun Style

Ascertain the style you prefer. Do you want your hair parted in the middle or in the back? A look that suits any occasion is to simply comb your hair back without parting it. For a more sculpted look, comb your hair into a side or middle part and flatten each side. The next step can be taken after your hair is completely dry.

Step 3: Apply Gel Or Pomade

The most popular technique is to use hair gel, but you can also use regular men’s hair pomade. Hairstylists claim that some people prefer pomade while others prefer hair gel. Therefore, everything is a matter of preference. A backcombing brush will help you achieve a sleek finish if you’re having trouble brushing your hair back. It’s possible that the soft bristles will smooth back your hair and evenly distribute the product without leaving bumps.

If you’re going to use gel, make sure it has a stronghold. To secure the part in place, warm a small amount of gel in your hands before applying it to the sides of your hair. Make sure not to use excessive amounts at first; you can always add more if necessary.

If you prefer pomade, take some and work it through your hair section by section, coating each hair strand completely to ensure a flat style. To distribute the pomade uniformly, you could even comb your hair. The pomade will hold everything in place until you wash it out by smoothing the hair down without any crunch or flakes.

Step 4: Pull It Back

Once your part is in place, pull all of your hair tightly back where you want it to sit. To smooth out any kinks or gaps, run your brush through your hair from front to back. Once you’re happy with the style, fasten it at the back with a hair tie. The ponytail should then be meticulously twisted and bunned. Put it in place with the aid of a rubber band and bobby pins.

Step 5: Final Touches

Take a step back and make any necessary adjustments. Use a finishing spray or dry oil to maintain the shine all day. You can move on after applying the gel or pomade to any flyaways. A little hairspray won’t hurt to keep your hair extra secure and in place all night if you’re going to a special occasion.

How to Do a Snatched Bun on Long Hair?

Jeanette separates two sections of hair at the front and clips them up so she can come back to them later because the popular slicked bun almost always has a middle part.

sprays hairspray on her roots and pulls her hair back into a ponytail using a natural bristle brush. After securing the ponytail, Jeanette detangles the front sections of her hair, sprays them with more hairspray, and then ties them to the bun. “When the hair is nice and tight, twist and wrap your ponytail before securing all the hair in place with another hair tie,” says Tyler. “This will guarantee that the bun is snug.”

You might see a few stray hairs peeking out of the bun if you have long hair.

How to Do a Snatched Bun on Medium-length Hair?

She first gathers her hair into a ponytail using a brush resembling a Tangle Teezer. The hair is then brushed upwards for a snatched appearance using a narrow bristle brush and her cheekbone as a guide.

Following that, incorporate the front sections of your hair into the ponytail, fasten with a hair tie, and then loosely wrap it around to form the bun, pinning it in place with hair grips. An additional spritz of shine spray will increase the sleekness.

How to Do a Snatched Bun on Short Hair?

You’ll require a lot less patience to pull off the snatched bun if your hair is bob-length or slightly shorter. Simply use your fingertips to cover your roots after misting your hair with water, and pull back your lengths into a ponytail. “Start by brushing the hair backward, ensuring you hold tension,” says Tyler, twist the ponytail after that, fasten it with a hair tie, and use hair grips to secure any shorter hair that may not have fit into the ponytail.

sleek bun

How to Do a Snatched Bun on Curly Hair?

Try Curl Empowering, which has a comparable texture. To gather your hair into a ponytail, use a natural bristle brush like the Brush. Bun it up and fix it in position. Heaven smooths her edges with an edge brush.

How to Do a Snatched Bun on Natural Hair?

A small amount of water is the first step. “Start by wetting your hair so it’s damp,” says Tyler, “as it’s a lot easier to slick away.” Naomi divides her hair into the middle and slices down each section using hair oil and oil. Using a natural bristle brush, she creates the bun from the backup, tucking in each section of the hair as she goes to give it a sleek look. In order to ensure that all flyaways are caught, Tyler suggests applying a little more gel to your hair.

How to Do a Snatched Bun on Fine Hair?

You don’t use many conventional styling products other than a spritz of hairspray. Make a ponytail out of your hair instead. The secret is to wrap your ponytail around the base. “Once this is done and it almost looks like a doughnut, you can secure this in place with another hair tie and a little hairspray,” says Tyler. “The final step is to set your hairdryer to cool and lightly blow air over the hair that has been sprayed with hairspray to help keep it in place for a longer period of time.”

How to Do a Snatched Bun on Thick Hair?

You’ll require a comb, two hair ties, curling cream, and styling gel if you have thick hair. Beginning with dippity do Girls With Curls Curl Shaping Gelee, £5.99, on her roots, she lathers it on dry hair from root to tip. Utilize a comb to go through it all, collect your lengths, twist them into a bun, and fasten them with hair ties. Keith uses some additional gel and a brush to refine her edges.

How Long Do Sleek Buns Last?

What is the durability of a sleek ponytail? If covered at night and taken care of, a sleek ponytail can last at least two weeks. Use a scarf to cover your edges and roots to prevent accidental hairstyle destruction. To prevent it from becoming tangled and broken while you sleep, pin up the ponytail portion as well.


Do you know how to do a sleek bun? If it’s been a while since your last haircut and messy buns are all you can think of, may we suggest a sleeker, model-approved alternative for your next cut?