Pearls can be carefully picked up, dipped in glue, and then placed on the hair using tweezers and lash or hair glue. One important piece of advice is to use the least amount of glue and to wait until it has slightly dried so that it is tacky. Keep reading, you will learn the most popular ways to install pearls in hair in 2022.

How to Install Pearls in Hair?

  • Your hair should be parted to the side.
  • Tease your hair after misting the roots with a texture powder or spray (dry shampoo also works).
  • Medium-hold hairspray should be used on the hair. Curl the hair away from the face, starting at the ends, with a 1-inch curling iron.
  • Brush through after applying a conditioning spray to lay down flyaways.
  • The ear on the side with less hair should have the hair tucked behind it.
  • Acrylic pearls can be added to the hair in any pattern and quantity using clear lash glue!

How to Remove Pearls from Hair Safely?

The pearls in your hair shouldn’t be removed lightly. If you encounter any resistance, try sliding them off with your fingers rather than pulling them. Some of mine were simple to remove, and for the others, I used hair oil. So that the pearls can easily slide off, just gently rub them over the pearls and under the edges.

10 Totally Unique Ways to Install Pearls in Hair

Here are 10 creative ways you can accessorize your hair with pearls, from pearl-studded clips to braided-in accents. For a “do that is even more classy than you.”

Slick and Styled

pearls in hair

Pearls can be both traditional and contemporary. Both of those traditions are present in this Alexander McQueen-inspired aesthetic. These streamlined, sculpted strands, which are sprinkled with pretty pearls, are both contemporary and classic.

Top Knot

pearls in hair

A few pearly accessories will transform your top knot from daytime casual to evening chic. For this lovely look, there’s no need to go overboard with the embellishments. A simple style can be improved with a few pearl garnishments at the base of the bun.

Wedding Adornment

pearls in hair

Ringing wedding bells? This season, skip the flower crowns and go for a pearl-heavy accessory. Wrapped in a precisely designed chignon, this stunning pearl set looks absolutely stunning.

Classic Barrette

pearls in hair

A classic barrette is a safe bet. The kind of beauty that never goes out of style is a single sparkling barrette on a waved bob, which is an alternative to a more elaborate pearl-laden look.


pearls in hair

There’s no need to run out to the craft store or spend all day pinning, of course. With a large headband, you can easily rock the pearl trend. To draw attention to this unique accessory, smooth back those strands.

Pins in Braids

pearls in hair

Almost any hairstyle looks great on Tessa Thompson. The actress carefully distributes a few pearls throughout one side of her gorgeous box braids in this particular look. These sparkling accents completely glam up Tessa’s vintage locks.

Beachy Embellishment

pearls in hair

An embellished set of textured waves can help you recall the jewel’s oceanic beginnings. An undone “do” is made elegant by a scattering of pretty pearl pins. You’ll look like deep sea royalty with these stunning accessories.

Bedazzled Braid

pearls in hair

A striking set of pearl hairpins can transform a chunky braid from unassuming to chic. Simply place a pin every inch or two along the length of your mermaid braid. To truly capture this beach goddess vibe, choose a pulled-out fishtail.

Pearl Edges

pearls in hair

If you’re using pearls in your hair, there’s no need to go overboard. Even when used sparingly, these valuable gems are still powerful. Hairstylist Justine Marjan is an expert at using these teeny-tiny pearl adhesives to create intricate hairstyles that are both subtle and striking.

Pearly Pony

pearls in hair

Despite only costing a few dollars to put together, this pearly pony has a price tag of a million dollars. A few skillfully placed stick-on pearls from a craft store instantly dress up a plain low pony.

Conclusion on Pearls in Hair

The side can be stacked. When you stack these clips on the side, a messy bun receives the ultimate update. Pearls can be added to ribbons and bows and held in place with a simple half-up hold.