Shaving Cream

Not enough time for a wet shave? There is always the option of shaving without cream. Without using any foam, cream, or water, an electric rotary shaver can give you quick, comfortable results.

Risks And Side Effects Of Shaving Without Shaving Cream

With a safety razor or hand razor, you drag a pointy surface over the delicate, soft surface of your skin as you shave. You can complete this carefully and safely. But using a dry razor comes with some dangers and negative effects.

1. Nicks And Cuts

Your risk of suffering a shaving injury may increase if you shave without shaving cream. There is less protection on your skin when you shave when you dry-shave, also known as shaving without any lubrication.

2. Razor Bumps

Ingrown hairs and razor bumps, also referred to as pseudofolliculitis barbae, can result from shaving without shaving cream. Razor bumps may itch and contain pus. Also, they are susceptible to infection.

3. Razor Burn

Even if your skin isn’t visibly nicked or cut, dry shaving has the potential to scrape skin cells off. As a result, you might experience razor burn, itchiness, and post-shave redness.

How To Make Shaving Cream At Home?

This might be the answer for you if you enjoy DIY projects, making your own herbal toothpaste, or combining different homemade cleaning products. In addition to showing you how to make shaving cream at home, we’ll also show you some alternatives if you’re not that kind of person.

How Should We Need Shaving Cream At Home?

  1. Aloe vera gel
  2. Vegetable glycerin
  3. Fractionated coconut oil 
  4. Shea butter
  5. Peppermint essential oil 
  6. Water
  7. A bowl and spoon

Here are some tips from professionals on how to shave without water or shaving cream. For the best dry shave, follow these steps:

1. Pre-trim

You can bypass this step if you’ve just recently shaved—within the last two days, for example. Pre-trimming with either your vacuum beard trimmer or styler attachment is recommended if your stubble is starting to look a little long.

2. Dry Your Skin

It’s crucial to start shaving with properly dry skin if you’re not using shaving cream because wet skin can impede the shaver’s ability to move smoothly across your face. Therefore, wait at least 5 minutes to completely dry off after taking a shower or washing your face.

3. Choose A Setting

Choose “FAST” if your razor has a variety of comfort settings if you’re shaving without cream.

4. Shave With Circular Motions

Shave in small, circular motions while using only light pressure (pressing too hard will cause more friction, which could lead to more irritation). When dealing with delicate areas, go slowly and take your time.

5. Final Pass

It’s time to move closer after going over your entire face once. Now, make your final pass while applying a little more pressure and moving counterclockwise. You should proceed with a little more care and caution when handling delicate areas as you did before.

6. Difficult Hairs

When you shave without shaving cream, it’s simpler to find those stray hairs that managed to evade your razor. Try gently pulling your skin a little tighter to help you with them (and any difficult-to-reach areas). The hairs will be lifted, which will make things simpler for your wet and dry shaver.

7. Sideburns

You decide the length and style of your sideburns, but the time is now to take care of them with your trimmer or styler attachment.

8. Aftershave

Here are some post-treatment measures. Use an aftershave or shaving balm to give yourself that just-shaven sensation. You are now prepared to face the day.

Shaving Cream

What Else Can I Use In Place Of Shaving Cream?

Well firstly, what are shaving soap, cream, and foam? What distinguishes shaving cream from the body and hand soap in terms of how it functions?

Essentially, shaving soap is formulated for two main reasons:

  • to moisturize your skin as you shave in order to lower your risk of post-shave skin problems.
  • to lubricate your skin, which will greatly facilitate shaving with your razor.

Body soap is formulated in order to:

  • Produce froth and bubbles that pick up dirt and grease from your skin
  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly!

The froth and bubbles that are designed to ooze out of natural body soaps in abundance actually make shaving harder. Shaving becomes more challenging because the froth and bubbles blunt razor blades and can clog your razor.

As a result, we do not suggest substituting regular body soaps or shower gel for shaving foam. Here are some alternative household items that we tested and found to work much better!

If any of the items on the list below are not already in your home, please let us know before we continue… I can use shaving gel, you might be wondering. Yes, you can use anything to shave, but the results won’t be as good and you risk getting a small rash or a blunt razor.

Can You Shave Using Only Water?

Will water alone help you shave without shaving foam if you’re marooned on a desert island with no access to shea butter, aloe vera gel, or other toiletries? You do have a razor, though, so you can continue your daily shaving routine.

Wet shaving with just water is possible and in fact, some barbers will only use hot water when shaving their client’s faces. However, the likelihood of cutting yourself is significantly increased in the absence of any lubricant or moisturizer. 

You should now be able to shave without shaving cream thanks to this article. If you need help learning how to shave with a safety razor then check and take a look at our product care guides!

We can’t promise that shaving without shaving cream won’t leave you with a razor rash, but if you do feel tender after shaving, our article on how to get rid of shaving rashes may be able to help!