Patty Cake

Let’s cheer for clapping because it’s so much fun! Bringing hands together is a symbol of happiness, excitement, and joy that can be incorporated into playtime in a variety of ways for both children and adults. Children can learn coordination, teamwork with playmates, and enjoyable new songs by playing clapping games. It might be best to start out small and see where this crazy clapping adventure takes you before moving on to the longer versions of the games described here.

History Of Pattycake

a common way to play pat-a-cake.

When two people clap together, the rhyme frequently goes along with it. The two people alternately clap with two hands, one clapping normally and the other using both hands. Additionally, the hands could be clasped together. This enables a potentially complicated sequence of clapping that needs to be coordinated between the two. If told by a parent to a child, the “B” and “baby” in the last two lines are sometimes replaced by the child’s first initial and first name.[2]

The “pat-a-cake” song and clapping game were used by Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in their series of “Road to” films as a means of distraction. The gag worked by means of adding a synchronised punch into the clapping game routine, allowing them to make their escape

How To Play Patty Cake?

Playing patty cake, also known as paddy cake or pat-a-cake, involves clapping your hands together, clapping your right hand to your partner’s right hand, clapping them back together, and clapping your left hand to your partner’s left hand. Continue singing the song until you have finished! In the event that Baby develops into a clapping prodigy, there are more sophisticated versions available.

Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man

Please hurry up and bake me a cake.

Mark it with a B after giving it a pat and a roll.

For me and the baby, put it in the oven

Patty Cake

1. Double, Double

Seeing how quickly you and Baby can play this game is what makes it enjoyable. Clap your hands together twice, then clap both your hands to both of Baby‘s hands twice, then clap your hands together twice, then clap the back of your hands to the back The first two lines are “Baby’s hands.” Clap your hands once together for the next two, then once to Baby’s hands, once together, once to the back of Baby’s hands, once together twice, and finally once to Baby’s hands and once to the back of his hands. Even though it might take you a few attempts to get it right, it’s a lot of fun.

Double double, this (together, together, across, across)

Double double, that that (together, together, across backwards, across backwards)

Double this, double that (together, across, together, across backwards)

Double double, this that (together, together, across, across backwards)

2. Down, Down Baby

The official clapping game to this song is just a touch too complicated for Baby right now, so it might be best to adapt this song to the clapping moves for “patty cake.” A beat and clapping pattern of your own creation are also possible!

Near the roller coaster, go down, baby, go down.

I’ll never let you go, sweet baby.

Eeeny, meeny, miney, mo

Catch a tiger by the toe

3. Round Of Applause

If you’re not in the mood to memorize, teach, and choreograph a song, a simple “round” of applause clapping game can entertain and delight all ages. Instead of simply clapping your hands together, make a circle in the air with your hands as you applaud. When Baby catches on, you can ask him to give you a “triangle” of applause, a “square” of applause, or a “rectangle” of applause. Look how much fun you’re having while learning about shapes!