how to get rid of mayflies

Mayflies that enter the house can be quickly removed by a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Other useful tools for getting rid of mayflies include a broom and a dustpan.

For a checkup and assessment, it is advisable to contact pest control experts. They will be in a position to offer guidance on how to pest-proof the house and keep it that way. Continue reading, you will learn more about mayflies, and manage them in your house and yard.

What is a Mayfly?

Small flies called mayflies have long, curved bodies and a set of wings. They resemble larger versions of dragonflies or damselflies in appearance. They go by the names shad flies and lake flies.

Both aquatic insects and mayflies have a double “tail” that extends from their bodies.

They have two antennae and are about 5’2″ long, indicating that they are neither snakes nor mosquitoes.

There are tens of thousands of species of mayflies in the world, and there are currently over 400 genera in 42 families. Usually, the body is black, yellow, or another dull color.

Even though they might have darker layers, wings are always transparent. The Ephemeroptera order generally includes this class of organisms.

What Does a Mayfly Look Like?

Another aquatic species that floats quickly while swimming is the mayfly. Its length is about 1″ and its wings are large.

When moving, they can have two or three tails in place of their bodies. In black or with stripes, mayflies frequently encounter mayflies.

They have six legs, large wings, and dark colors with small antennae.

The mayfly anatomy for birds is fairly standardized. They are between 1′ and 1″ long.

They could be distinguished by their dark coloring, tiny antennal holes, and black wings with black stripes.

How to Get Rid of Mayflies?

It is time to start treatment once you have determined the conditions that attract mayflies. Always read the product labels before using them, follow any application instructions found there, and keep yourself safe by wearing personal protective equipment.

Use Supreme IT Insecticide to establish an insecticide barrier around your property in order to successfully keep mayflies out.

how to get rid of mayflies

In Your Home

Especially if you have them inside your home, mayflies can be a real annoyance. Light attracts them, and they frequently gather in large groups near windows and doors.

You might want to turn down the light coming from your windows at night to prevent attracting mayflies.

The best way to get rid of mayflies is to vacuum them up, but if that’s not possible, you should try to squash them or spray insecticide in your home.

Regardless of the technique, the objective is to eradicate as many mayflies as you can before they reproduce!

In My Yard

There are many ways to get rid of mayflies, but vacuuming them up is the most efficient. Try to squash them if you can, or spray insecticide inside your house if you can’t.

The objective is to eliminate as many mayflies as you can before they can reproduce!

Chemical pesticides like malathion or permethrin can be used to treat mayfly infestations. Make sure to apply the solution using a spray bottle.

To get rid of the adult mayflies, spray these outside your home.

Calling an insect pest control company that can handle this for you is best if you have a significant infestation inside.

Although mayfly infestations typically occur in the spring and summer, they can happen at any time of the year depending on how warm the weather is.

It’s probably too late in the season to treat an outdoor infestation with insecticides because other flying insects will pick up the pesticide and spread it around.

How to Prevent Mayflies?

When it comes to a may fly infestation on your property, prevention is always better than cure. There are many things you can do around your building to keep mayflies away, but the best way to control them is to keep all outdoor lights off during the months when they hatch and are active and to block light inside with curtains or shades. Consider switching to yellow bug light bulbs if you are unable to turn off outdoor lighting.

Additionally, try to get rid of any bodies of water that are close to your property. Of course, if you live near a lake, this won’t be possible, but if you have a pool at home, be sure to cover it during the months when the larvae hatch because mayflies will be searching for bodies of water to lay their eggs in.

And finally, to protect your home before the Mayflies arrive, spray Supreme IT a month before they are predicted to hatch. Applying in early April will help prevent mayflies, which are active in May (hence their name).

how to get rid of mayflies

How to Inspect Mayflies?

You must be aware of the areas that are attracting mayflies before beginning treatment. Since your home is close to a body of water and attracts pests with its lights at night, you are probably dealing with an infestation.

You’ll be searching for Mayfly-attracting conditions during the inspection.

Where to Inspect

Even though they prefer to hang out around bodies of water, mayflies can be found elsewhere. As a result of mayflies’ strong attraction to light, buildings at night can sometimes be surrounded by enormous swarms of insects. Mayfly carcasses accumulate beneath lights and windows in the morning. Mayflies may have an impact on visibility and driving conditions in areas where they swarm in large numbers.

Mayflies will be drawn to standing water when they hatch because they need it to lay their eggs, and lights at night will also draw them.

In your yard, look for any areas where there is standing water or excessive moisture. Check your pool if you have one. Check the exterior of your home for outdoor lighting, front doors, porches, patios, and any other places that have nighttime lighting.

What To Look For

You’re looking for excess moisture and outdoor lighting. If you have a pool, keep it covered, especially during the months when the eggs are hatching. Additionally, keep an eye out for mayfly signs near any outdoor lighting.

We will apply treatment where there is excess moisture found (other than in pools, ponds, or other large bodies of water) or where lights are present, especially at night. Prior to continuing with treatment, make sure that all standing water and extra moisture have been removed.

What is the Appearance of Mayflies?

They are not related to housing flies or other true flies because they have two sets of wings. The wings of flies are singular. Mayflies come from a wide range of species. These insects are very thin. One mm is the maximum length of some mayflies. Some are up to 30 mm long and are longer. Although the color can vary, many have dark bodies. The wings may be clear, yellow, gray, or other colors, but they are all pale. When resting, mayflies hold their wings close to one another above their bodies. An aquatic insect is a mayfly.

What is Mayfly’s Behavior, Diet & Habits?

Shadflies and lake flies are additional names for mayflies. Being aquatic, they are insects. Light draws them in. When they congregate overnight close to windows and doorways of homes and businesses, they start to bother people. They occasionally assemble in big groups. The insect order Ephemeroptera includes mayflies as members.

Mayflies live a very brief life as adults. After mating, males pass away. After producing eggs, females pass away. Mayfly bodies and shed skins quickly deteriorate and crumble.

how to get rid of mayflies

How Do Mayflies Reproduct?

Eggs are laid in water by females. They favor clear, fresh water. Nymphs, or young insects, live close to the bottom after hatching from the eggs. They eat organic matter as food. These nymphs are consumed by fish and other insects. When the nymphs reach maturity, they emerge from the water. They shed their skin and dry off for a day or two. They then take off in flight to mate and lay eggs.

Why Mayflies Like Light?

Light attracts mayflies. Around homes and businesses, they congregate in large numbers. The first step in managing a mayfly problem is to make the building less appealing to mayflies. You can swap out the white bulbs in porch lights for yellow ones. It might be necessary to move porch lights and other built-in lighting fixtures away from the building. If you want to prevent mayflies from being drawn to your windows at night, think about dimming the light coming from them. UV-light-emitting insect light traps could be useful for drawing mayflies away from the structure.

Do Mayflies Bite?

Mayflies are merely relics of mouths; they have no piercing or noxious parts. In stark contrast to mosquitoes and chiggers, this flying spider is completely harmless to people.

You need not be concerned about being bitten by a mayfly because it is impossible for them to ever remove human skin.

Really, the majority of mayflies lack stomachs. The birds are unable to bite or sting either humans, animals, or even humans.

How Long Do Mayflies Live?

Vestigial mouthpieces, which do not actually have a full mouth, are present during their aquatic life as nymphs.

The mouths of the two of them are hardly present as it is and are instead made up of the ruins of what once was their mouths.

When they reach adulthood, they gain wings and spend a full day out of the water.

They are unable to support themselves as adults, which is extremely difficult for their food system. The adults are extremely short due to their small mouths.

Are Mayflies Actually Flies?

Aquatic pests have been described as mayflies. They are frequently traded as pets among hobbyists and enthusiasts in the US because they are aquatic animals.

Mayflies are a source of food for fish, turtles, and other pets. In the homes of their pets, people raise mayfly nests.

People grow plants on their farms to feed their livestock because the species is so simple to breed and widely available.

People who have ponds, fish tanks, and swimming pools will experience mayfly infestations.

how to get rid of mayflies

Where Are Mayflies Found in the US?

There are mayflies everywhere in the world and in the US. They are widespread across North America and not particular to any one state.

Warm climates with flowing streams and generally cleaner waters are preferred by these animals. Mayfly problems are more prevalent in some states than others, including New York and Florida.

Since mayflies are native to these states, there isn’t much you can do to prevent them from bothering you if you live there because they are so common.

Are Mayflies Dangerous?

Mayflies pose the greatest risk during the breeding season when they can swarm in large numbers.

Drivers are most at risk from mayflies during the mating season, when they swarm in large numbers.

It’s a swarm of mayflies if you’ve noticed thousands and thousands of flies landing on the exterior of your place of business.

If a group of these creatures swarms close to them and lands on whatever they want to be. You then start to take chances.

It isn’t particularly surprising if mayflies are flying around in large numbers around your house if you live in an area where they suddenly go crazy.

Indeed, some fishermen have been known to use false mayfly larvae and adults as bait in their nets to catch trout.

Conclusion on Get Rid of Mayflies

Mayflies are flying insects that frequently invade homes due to their attraction to freshwater areas and lights.

Adult mayflies prefer to breed and lay their eggs in still water. Large swarms of mayflies can be very upsetting when they hatch out of these eggs during the summer, especially in the month of May.

To keep mayflies away from your property, spray Supreme IT around the perimeter of your building.

Mayflies can be kept at bay by using preventative applications of Supreme IT, reducing lighting at night or switching to yellow bug bulbs, and removing standing water areas.

FAQ About Get Rid of Mayflies

How Do You Keep Mayflies Away?

The best way to control mayflies is to limit their presence to the months when they hatch by turning off all exterior lights and blocking lights inside your home. There are many precautions you can take to protect yourself from mayflies.

Why Do I Have So Many Mayflies?

Due to their extreme sensitivity to pollution, mayflies are seen as indicators of healthy aquatic habitats. Males preferred clear, fresh water and laid their eggs on or beneath the surface.

This nymph feeds on organic material at the ocean’s bottom after the eggs hatch.

What Spray Kills Mayflies?

Mayfly swarms typically have short lives, lasting only 2-4 weeks in the majority of the country. However, the year didn’t go well at all.

Use MAXXTHOR EC to coat every siding of the house to keep them away. These treatments are required to both kill and deter insects, and they should last up to 14 days.

How Long Do Mayflies Stay Around?

Mayflies can live for quite a while longer, but they are very delicate. The female larvae typically last longer than five minutes, whereas the male can survive for up to two days.

However, they don’t spend every minute of that brief period mating and giving birth.