blonde to black hair

How to blonde to black hair? Starting with a platinum blonde, your stylist will need to fill in your hair with pigment before applying the desired brunette color. This involves adding the color molecules that are missing and allowing them to bond to the clear base. Making the color stick can require several trips to the bowl. Continue reading, you will learn more correct details about blonde to black hair.

Quick Steps to Blonde to Black Hair

  • Purchasing Dye And Developer
  • Creating Dye
  • Divide The Hair Into Sections
  • Apply The Dye
  • Wash The Hair

How to Blonde to Black Hair?

We will look at the proper technique for changing hair color from blonde to black in this guide.

Color of Dye

If you want your blonde hair to appear naturally black, go for a soft black color that might look dark brown. By holding a piece of black cloth next to the dye, you can determine its color. Soft black is typically regarded as the natural shade of black and is the safest color to use when starting out.

If someone is not happy with the new color, they can later darken the black shade. Dark black hair dye is recommended for those who prefer a gothic appearance. The change in hair color will seem unnatural if you have a fair skin tone.

Additionally, some deep blacks have purple and blue undertones that you may need to remove with toner or shampoo. The hair will appear purplish or bluish under sunlight if the shades aren’t balanced. People should experiment with the color of some wigs if they don’t know how to transition from blonde to black hair.

blonde to black hair

Purchasing Dye And Developer

Those who aren’t using a boxed kit should pick dye and 10-volume developer. Typically, when people buy dye in a kit, they also get conditioner, gloves, and a developer with the dye. In addition, you might need gloves, a tinting brush, a non-metal bowl, and a tube of dye. You might also need a bottle of 10-volume developer.

To prepare the dye when using a kit, be sure to read the directions thoroughly. Despite the fact that the majority of kits come with detailed instructions, occasionally a kit will arrive without any. There is no need to be concerned, as the method for making any dye is essentially the same. Take the developer bottle that is larger. Fill that bottle with the dye.

You must shake and combine the dye with the developer after it is closed. Break or remove the plug from the bottle’s tip. Hair dye should be prepared in two boxes for women with long, thick hair. To completely cover your hair, you need enough dye.

Creating Dye

Before learning how to dye blonde hair black, you should be familiar with the best dyeing techniques. A bowl should be used to combine the developer and dye for those who are not using a kit. To fully saturate the hair, you will need to pour 10 volumes of the developer and an equal volume of soft black dye. Use a tinting brush or a non-metal spoon to thoroughly stir the ingredients.

Stir continuously until the color is uniform and there are no streaks. About 2 ounces of the developer can be used by people with short hair. However, 4 ounces of developer are required for the procedure on women with long hair. Keep a bowl made of glass, plastic, or another non-metal material nearby for mixing the ingredients. Use a metal that won’t react chemically with the ingredients and change color.

Women who have bleached their hair ought to mix protein filler with the dye in the bowl. Without protein filler, the color may appear patchy because the hair was harmed by being belched. You may have noticed the hair has changed to a greenish-black color. Protein filler is not necessary for people who have never bleached or dyed their hair before.

You can find the recommended amount to add to the dye in the protein filler bottle. Typically, half of a bottle should be added. A protein filler that is tinted should be avoided because sunlight can reveal the undertones.

Applying the Dye to Your Hair

blonde to black hair

You must learn the best techniques for skin protection, dividing the hair into sections, and applying the hair dye if you want to learn how to change your blonde hair to black.

Divide The Hair Into Sections

Those with thick or long hair must separate their hair into different sections. At roughly ear level, divide the hair into horizontal sections. Alternatively, you can style your hair in a half-up ponytail. The top section of a woman’s hair should be divided in half. Both of the half-lengths of hair can be twisted to form a bun. Hair clips are used to hold the buns in place.

After that, divide the hair into two equal halves at the bottom. Drape each half over the right and left shoulders. For girls with medium-length hair, simply divide each section in half. With hair clips, you can pull them up in a half-ponytail. It’s not necessary to divide the hair for men with very short hair.

Apply The Dye

Starting at the roots, apply the dye. Select any one bottom section. Apply color to the roots using a tinting brush. Before moving on to the next section, be sure that every hair strand is completely saturated. Those who obtained their dye from an applicator bottle can squeeze the dye onto their roots.

The last few hair strands should be dyed. Apply the dye to the remaining sections of hair right away if you’re wearing gloves. You can undo one of the buns at the top of the hair after coloring both of the bottom sections of the hair. Apply the dye in the same manner, beginning at the roots and saturating the hair strands.

Examine the areas where it hasn’t been applied after you’ve applied it to the remaining bun’s hair strands. To make the color look natural, apply the dye just above the hairline.

blonde to black hair

Wash The Hair

Put on a shower cap and wait at least 20 minutes before washing your hair. However, if you want the best outcome, you should wait 45 minutes. Before you wash your hair with cool water, read the instructions on the kit. Since the color shouldn’t be impacted, avoid using any shampoo. Apply a conditioner before rinsing with cool water once more.

Can I Go from Blonde to Black Hair?

Instead of bleaching their blonde hair first, the majority of people choose to simply dye it black. You will either look natural or gothic depending on the color you choose. In this article, we’ll examine the proper method for changing blonde hair to black.

What Happens When You Put Black Dye on Blonde Hair?

You must take the pigment ingredients into account since your goal is to have deep black hair. The reason for this is that most deep black dyes will include pigments in the colors green, blue, or purple. By the way, this is why your locks may start turning greenish when going from blonde to black hair!

Conclusion on Blonde to Black Hair

Utilizing a color filler is the first step in perfectly dying your blonde hair black.

The color filler is just a dye that you apply as though it were a moisturizing mask without using peroxide. Pick a color that is in the middle, like chocolate or chestnut brown. In this way, the final dye’s black pigments will deposit more readily in the future.

You must use the black dye right away after using the color filler.