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A quick weave is becoming a popular trend to get glamorous hair in a shorter time. This is a cheaper and faster alternative to the traditional sew-in weave.

What is a quick weave? What makes a quick weave different from regular sewing-in weaves? Is it worth the effort? How does it get installed? What are its pros and cons? Which weave hair extensions should you use? How long does a quick weave last? Do you want to know more about quick weaves? Continue reading.

What Is Quick Weave?

Tracks are glued to a wave or skull cap in a quick weave, a full-head weaving technique. The foundation for the entire style is one that can be applied to the head and removed with ease. In essence, it’s a wig that was made especially for you.

You can use any kind of extension hair to create any look with a quick weave. It can be long or short, curly or straight, one color only, or have many highlights.

Imaginations should be unrestrained! This is not the best weaving option for you if you prefer a style that shows your hairline. Look into regular bonded tracks and sewn-in weaves.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Quick Weaves?

Everyone likes to know how long does a quick weave last. However, you’d better know the pros and cons of quick weaves. If you want something fast and low maintenance, quick weaves are a great choice. You can expect some benefits from this style, which we’ll go over in detail.

  • Affordable: Comparatively speaking, quick weaves are inexpensive to sew in or clip-in extensions. Depending on whether you install it yourself or have it done at the salon, you should prepare to pay between $60 and $160.
  • Low-maintenance: Other than wrapping your hair at night and possibly re-laying down your edges, this style doesn’t need much maintenance.
  • Less tension on hair: With a quick weave, you can get rid of tight braids. For this style, loose braids or gelled-down hair can both work well. Due to the fact that extensions are glued directly to the wig cap, quick weaves also place the least amount of stress on your hair.
  • Quick: A quick weave installation takes an hour and a half to two hours. Compared to other techniques, this requires much less time in the chair.
  • Accessible supplies: You can buy inexpensive supplies online or at a nearby beauty supply store. There is no requirement for unique products.
quick weave

Even though quick weaves have a lot of advantages, they might not be the best option for everyone. Ineffective installation is the primary cause of drawbacks. We’ll go over a few of these drawbacks below.

  • Doesn’t last as long: Since the bonding glue quickly wears off, quick weaves only last for about a month.
  • Shedding: Since hair wefts or tracks must be cut to fit around your wig cap, hair used for quick weaves is more likely to shed.
  • Use of hair glue, gel, and modeling products: Instead of braiding your hair, you might decide to slick it back, but this could cause damage and dryness.
  • Hair loss: The risk of hair loss and damage is what quick weaves raise the most concerns. This mostly occurs if you don’t use a high-quality wig cap or if hair glue accidentally gets on your hair during the installation process. Your hair can become harmed if it comes into contact with subpar glue.

How To Install Quick Weave?

Some of the materials you’ll likely already have at home are needed for a quick weave. The remainder can be purchased at a beauty supply shop. Call ahead and find out what they offer and whether you can bring any of your own supplies if you’re going to a professional to have your quick weave installed. Furthermore, they can advise you on the best weave hair to purchase for your quick weave.

Supplies needed include:

  • Hair extensions
  • Hair glue
  • Protective wig cap
  • Glue protector/liquid cap (optional)
  • Blow-dryer
  • Scissors
  • Molding gel (optional)
  • Hair ties
  • Towel
  • Comb

Installing a quick weave is complicated, so you should grasp every step before knowing how long does a quick weave last. Learn how to install a quick weave so you are prepared, whether you hire a pro or do it yourself. Check them out below.

  1. Organize your natural hair. Before you begin, braid your hair or use molding gel to keep it under the wig cap. If you want to highlight a side or center part through your weave, you can leave it in.
  2. Cover your hair with your protective wig cap. To protect your hair from the glue after you’ve prepared it, wrap it in a wig cap. If you want a little more security, use two wig caps. If you apply a glue protector to your hair, you can also add a liquid cap to it. This will guarantee that any stray glue adheres to the cap rather than your hair. On your wig cap, you can also use the glue protector.
  3. Mark your leave out. Mark the area of your wig cap where you have missing hair so you don’t add hair extensions too close to it.
  4. Dry your hair. If you have used molding gel or glue protector on your hair or wig cap, blow-dry or air-dry your hair. Before installing your quick weave, everything needs to be completely dry.
  5. Attach the hair extensions with glue. The hair extensions must then be adhered to the wig cap using glue. To determine where the hair extensions need to be cut, first measure them around your head. After that, begin applying them from the back of your head and work your way forward. Before applying a new track, let the previous section dry. Cut the wig cap there to let it out once you are almost at your leave-out point.
  6. Your hair should be combed and styled. You can now style, cut, and comb through your hair to achieve your desired look because everything is in its proper place.

How Long Does A Quick Weave Last?

About four to five weeks pass between quick weaves. A sign that it’s time to use your quick weave is shedding. Sleep with a silk scarf at night to guard it while you sleep, ensuring it lasts as long as possible. Curls in a curly weave can be kept by using rollers or pinning them back. Additionally, stay away from products with oil in them because oil weakens glue. Here is the point that answers the question of how long does a quick weave last.

Can I Remove Quick Weave?

Now you know how long does a quick weave last, time is out, and how to remove is an essential thing you should know. A quick weave can be taken out at home with oil-based products and warm water or by scheduling an appointment with a professional.

Even if you DIY’d the installation of a quick weave, we advise getting professional help with the removal and aftercare. They will have everything you require for the safe removal of the quick weave and subsequent nourishing of your natural hair. They will also be available to answer queries and offer assistance if something goes wrong while you are removing it.

To prevent tearing out your hair, you’ll need to take your time with each step if you want to remove it at home. However, if a quick weave was installed correctly, removing it should be simple.

Do you know more about how long does a quick weave last? And how to get it? Try your own quick weave.