An herb made for smoking is marijuana. A class of fungi known as magic mushrooms was created specifically for human consumption. Sure, you could try smoking some mushrooms. But the outcome most likely won’t be to your liking. In fact, shroom smoking might even be harmful if it had no transformative effects.

This article will answer the question of “can you smoke shrooms,” and explore safer consumption methods.

What Are Shrooms?

Magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms or psilocybin mushrooms, are mildly toxic fungi that contain a variety of active substances. The active component, psilocybin, which your body transforms into psilocin, is the one you’re likely most interested in learning about. Psilocin is the substance that gives mushrooms their psychoactive properties, despite being less well-known.

Psilocybin is present in over 180 species of mushrooms, but not all of them will give you a high. Only specific species should be used in the sauce for your rigatoni. Others, like the death cap or destroying angels, are extremely poisonous. So can you smoke shrooms? The answer is yes. You should making the right choice is essential.

Psilocybe cubensis, which yields the modern day’s most well-liked strains, is one of the most widely distributed and risk-free psilocybin mushroom species. Because of its moderate strength and uplifting effects, Golden Teachers, for instance, is a well-known Psilocybe cubensis strain for beginners. Penis Envy, on the other hand, is notoriously strong and is not advised for your first trip.


Magic mushrooms most likely come from the Psilocybe cubensis family if you’ve managed to get your hands on some. There are more than 60 cubensis varieties, all with different appearances and potencies, aside from Golden Teachers and Penis Envy, that you might possess.

You may be wondering if you can smoke one of the hundreds of magic mushroom species and strains that exist in the world.

Are Smoke Shrooms Safe Or Dangers?

Can you smoke shrooms? Technically, you can smoke anything if you can set it on fire. But that does not imply that you ought to. Smoking mushrooms is risky and ineffective. There’s a chance that you won’t experience any trippy effects at all. However, curious psychonauts with excessive amounts of free time have undoubtedly tried smoking mushrooms; some found it repulsive, while others enjoyed it. Let’s explore.

What Are The Dangers Of Smoking Magic Mushrooms? You will almost certainly lose your money if you use shrooms for smoking. Furthermore, you run the risk of suffering negative consequences or developing a respiratory illness.


Inhaling Mold Spores

If you want to know the answer to whether can you smoke shrooms, inhaling mold spores is a good way. Magic mushrooms can become contaminated with mold, especially in humid conditions. So, unknowingly inhaling mold spores along with your mushrooms could result in lung damage and inflammation. A typical respiratory infection called aspergillosis can result in mild to severe illness as well as damage to blood vessels.

Smoking moldy mushrooms can also increase your risk of contracting histoplasmosis, especially if your immune system is already compromised. While pneumonia or a lung infection are examples of mild symptoms, serious cases can affect the mouth, liver, and nervous system.

A Wisconsin house party in the 1990s became a shining illustration of the worst-case scenario. Puffball mushrooms were consumed by eight teenagers at the gathering. Three of them reported experiencing nausea and vomiting within six hours. Within three days, cough, fever, fatigue, and shortness of breath appeared in all patients. Following a lung biopsy on two patients, it was discovered that they had Lycoperdonosis, a rare respiratory condition brought on by breathing in that fungus’ spores.

General Smoking Risks

Even if your mushrooms are free of mold spores, smoking is harmful to your health. Injurious toxins and microparticles are present in all smoke, which can harm your lungs and blood vessels and raise your risk of developing cancer. Even your favorite cozy backyard fire on chilly nights is risky. Asthma and bronchitis attacks as well as the deterioration of lung and heart disease can be brought on by exposure to wood-burning smoke. No matter what you’re breathing in, you run the risk of irritating your lungs, escalating inflammation, or weakening your immune system. If you can accept that, the answer to “can you smoke shrooms” is yes.

Does that imply that a single shroom use will result in cancer? This is yet another reason why taking mushrooms makes no sense when all the factors are taken into account.


Possible Shroom Side Effects

Magic mushroom adventures can be extremely funny, life-altering, or both. But every journey can begin with some discomfort. This is because mushrooms are difficult for the body to digest and contain a mildly toxic substance called psilocybin. So, whether you’re smoking shrooms or eating shrooms, you may experience some of these common side effects:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Anxiety
  • Stomach aches and vomiting
  • Body temperature changes
  • Cramps and diarrhea
  • Muscle weakness
  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Headaches

The mind-blowing journey from ingesting or drinking mushrooms is usually worth these side effects, which are typically brief. Smoking mushrooms, however, doesn’t produce the same high. You might therefore become ill and disoriented, leaving you with nothing more than a fleeting high.

And even if you do ‌feel the psychoactive effects of smoking shrooms, you also risk a bad trip. You might fear that you’ll never wake up after a bad trip because it can transport your mind and body to ominous, terrifying places.

In addition to the typical side effects of mushrooms, errant spore inhalation can cause coughing, wheezing, and breathing difficulties.

All mentioned the results of the answer to “can you smoke shrooms” is yes.

Why You Shouldn’t Smoke Shrooms?

Can you smoke shrooms? It is not a good idea to smoke mushrooms. Here’s why.

  • Smoking shrooms will probably burn the psilocybin that your body needs to trip
  • The experience delivers a mild high, at best
  • You’ll waste your time, money, and precious fungi
  • You might inhale dangerous mold spores in the process
  • The side effects could be painful, with no psychoactive upside
  • Inhaling shrooms could cause inflammation and lung irritation
  • You could get sick or pulled into a bad trip

How To Smoke Shrooms Safely?

Prior to anything else, make sure you can trust the person who gave you the mushrooms. Or even better, cultivate your own psilocybin mushrooms in your own backyard. Choose whether you want to eat or drink your fungi for the best results after you’ve found a safe (and barely toxic) strain.

Most experienced users advise consuming raw dried mushrooms. This permits natural digestion to be the route by which psilocybin enters your body. Usually, one to two grams are given as a starter dose. Even though your body might work better with a higher dose, it’s always preferable to start small and build up gradually.

Given that mushrooms aren’t particularly appealing to the palate, many people find inventive ways to prepare them. Yummy options include chocolate or smoothies that incorporate ground mushrooms. Another good option is to make sandwiches with peanut butter, jelly, and mushrooms, especially if you’re running low on ingredients.

Additionally hard on the stomach and difficult to digest mushrooms. The common symptoms of nausea and vomiting from raw magic mushrooms are due to their mild toxicity and rigid cell walls. So think about chopping up your mushrooms and making lemon tea or mushroom tea instead.

Mushroom tea is popular because it is strong, easier on the stomach, works quickly, eases motion sickness, and lets you add additional healthy ingredients to the blend. Psilocybin mushrooms can be brewed with your preferred caffeinated or herbal tea, such as chai, ginger, green tea, or hibiscus. Additionally, you can include flavor-enhancing ingredients like honey, lemon, or milk.

Due to its strength and stomach-friendly nature, lemon trekking is also very popular. Grounded mushrooms should be soaked in lemon juice for 15 to 30 minutes to create lemon tea. After that, strain the mixture and quickly consume it.

Both lemon trekking and mushroom tea are safe. On your first trip, we wouldn’t advise drinking mushroom extract though because the dosage is different and you could accidentally take too much.

You may want to go the route of the mushroom capsules to avoid dosage confusion. You can fill empty casings with powdered mushrooms after chopping them up, then ingest them with water. Because they can manage the dosage and micro-dosing is made simpler, many people prefer this method.

Can you smoke shrooms? The answer is yes. However, please smoke shrooms in the context of health.